Cape Chignecto

Cape Chigneto

2024 Operating Season: May 17 to October 14, 2024

1108 West Advocate Road, Advocate Harbour, NS B0M 1A0
Telephone: (902) 392-2085



Hiking at Cape Chignecto

Facilities and Services:
park office icon Park Office All campers must register at the park office before entering the park.  Office open 8:30am to 8:00pm.
Walk-In Camping Icon

47 Backcountry Campsites

Only accessible from trailhead at Red Rocks (Park Office).
Coastal trail includes physically challenging conditions.
Users should be physically fit and able to carry equipment appropriate for wilderness travel.
Mill Brook, Refugee Cove, Little Bald Rock, Big Bald Rock, Keyhole Brook, Seal Cove, and Eatonville.
When booking online, select “Backcountry Hiking” as your reservation type.
Cape Chignecto campsites were not designed for hammocks and campers are not permitted to alter or damage the trees.

Walk-In Camping Icon 28 Walk-in Campsites New Yarmouth: 
Accessed via New Yarmouth parking area. 
Centralized pit privies, water supply and woodshed.
Each site has fire grill and picnic table and sites are well buffered from the others.
When booking online, select “Backcountry Hiking” as your reservation type.
Paddling icon 12 Kayak Campsites

Refugee Cove (6 kayak campsites on beach) and Seal Cove (6 kayak campsites on beach).
Open fires are prohibited.
When booking online, select “Backcountry Kayaking” as your reservation type.

Group Campsite Icon

3 Group Campsites

Cannot be booked online.  Please call the park directly at 902-392-2085 after May 20th.

Christy Field (adjacent to drop off area)
Requests from groups will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 
Maximum group size: 12 persons, including tour guides. 
Maximum tent capacity: 4 persons. 
Maximum number of tents: 3 four-person or 6 two-person tents. 
Each tent requires a campsite permit.

bunk house icon

3 Cabins
1 Bunk House

No electricity, mattresses or bedding provided.
Plywood bunk beds. 
Pit privy (outhouse) 
Wood stove, water supply, and firewood provided. 

Bunkhouse at Eatonville (8 single bunks)
Cabins at Big Bald Rock, Carey Brook and Arch Gulch (4 double bunks).

Check-in 2:00pm, check-out 11:00am.
When booking online, select "Cape Chignecto Backcountry" as your Reservation Type.

vault toilet icon Pit Privies (Outhouses) Outhouses are provided near campsites. 
In other areas, dig a hole and bury human waste at least 100m away from streams and other sources of drinking water.
Drinking Water Icon Drinking Water Boil, filter or treat all water before consuming.
Do not bathe or wash dishes in streams or other water sources.
  BBQ's/Fires Contained flame BBQ's and cookstoves are permitted. 
Open fires are prohibited at backcountry campsites.
Fires permitted in designated campfire grills/rings at New Yarmouth only
waste recycling icon Waste/Recycling Pack out all garbage while in the backcountry campsites/trails.
Waste sorting and recycling containers located near the park entrance.
Picnic table icon Day Use Eatonville Day Use: Parking, trails, look-offs, vault toilets.
Three Sisters look-off overlooking Eatonville Harbour.
Squally Point look-off overlooking Spicers Cove.
Beach Access Icon

Beach Access

Saltwater (Bay of Fundy)

Available at Red Rocks, Refugee Cove, Big Bald Rock, Seal Cove, and Andersons Cove (Squally Point).

trail icon Hiking Trail

52 km coastal loop, rated as Difficult.
A 3-night stay is recommended to complete the loop.

Trail Map

Hiking at Cape Chignecto

Lookout icon Look Off Approach cliffs only at designated viewing areas. 
The cliff line is constantly eroding and may be unstable.

For information about nearby attractions, please visit Tourism Nova Scotia