Cape Chignecto

Open June 15 - October 12, 2020
1108 West Advocate Road, Advocate Harbour, NS
Telephone: (902) 392-2085 when park is open
Towering 180 m (600 ft.) sea cliffs rise from the Bay of Fundy, while the world's highest tides lap at their base. Best described as a wilderness park, it has 29 km (18 mi.) of pristine coastline, deep valleys, sheltered coves, rare plants, and remnant old-growth forests. The park offers over 60 km (37 mi) of wilderness trails and remote walk-in campsites.
Facilities and Services
  • There are no drive-up sites in the park.
  • 80 Walk-in sites
  • Group Camping Site
  • Backcountry Hiking sites
  • Backcountry Kayaking sites (12)
  • 3 Cabins & 1 Bunkhouse
  • Hiking Trails
  • Beach Access (Unsupervised)
Before You Arrive
  • Cape Chignecto is a backcountry trail and camping experience.
    • The park offers a 52 km (32 mi) coastal loop, rated as Difficult.
      • A 3-night stay is recommended to complete the loop.
  • Know your capabilities and come prepared for the season.
  • Be aware of tide times when planning your trip.
Campgrounds and Backcountry Sites
  • New Yarmouth Campground
    • 28 walk-in sites accessed via a multi-use/service trail
      • connect with high quality front-country hiking trails (and backcountry trails)
      • several hiking opportunities available using these sites as a base camp
    • walk-in sites accessible from parking lot and/or drop off area
      • parking lot is 300 m from first site; drop off area is 75 m from first site
    • a 3-5 person walk-in group site is adjacent to the drop off area
    • centralized pit privies and woodshed
    • each site has fire grill and is well buffered from the others
  • Backcountry Sites (Hike In)
    • only accessible from trailhead at Red Rocks
    • coastal trail includes physically challenging conditions
    • users should be physically fit and able to carry equipment appropriate for wilderness travel
  • Backcountry Kayaking Sites
    • available at Refugee Cove and Seal Cove
  • There are no drive-up sites at Cape Chignecto.
    • Please call (902) 392-2085 for more info on a community-operated campground 5 km east of the park.
Wilderness Cabins and Bunkhouse
  • Situated on coastal trail
  • No power or running water
  • Reservable through the toll-free reservation line (1-888-544-3434)
Arch Gulch Cabin*
4 Double Bunks
Big Bald Rock
4 Double Bunks
Seal Cove/Carey Brook
4 Double Bunks
Eatonville Bunkhouse
8 Single Bunks
*located 9 km from Visitor Centre on coastal trail
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