• Arisaig

    Northumberland Shore

    Park is known for its fascinating geology and fossils; an interpretive kiosk examines highlights of the four million years of earth history found here. Pleasant 1.5 km walking trail through forest, and to shore access. Geocaching opportunities as well as snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Located 27 km (17 miles) north of Antigonish.

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    Address: 5704 Highway #245, Arisaig
    County: Antigonish
    Size: 28.19 ha (69.5 ac)
    GPS: N45 45.280 W62 09.990
  • Battery

    Open June 5th to October 19th, 2020
    10110 Hwy 4, St. Peter's
    Telephone: (902) 535-3094
    Home to a number of historically significant sites, including the site of a lime kiln used to make plaster and mortar, some of which was used in the construction of Fortress Louisbourg, as well as the remains of two forts that were involved in the French and English struggle over the North American continent. The lighthouse found in the park serves as a beacon for the entrance to St. Peters Canal. Completed in 1869, the 800 m (2,600 ft.) the St Peter’s Canal and lock system allows vessels to sail between Bras d' Or Lake and the Atlantic Ocean.
    Facilities and Services
    • 53 Campsites
    • 21 Serviced Sites 
    • 8 Walk In Sites
    • Comfort Station
    • Hiking Trails
    • Beach access (unsupervised)
    • WiFi available at  the admin building and surrounding area. Password required, please see the park receptionist.
    Nearby Attractions
    • St. Peter's Canal (adjoining)
    • Nicolas Denys Museum, St. Peter's
    • Wallace MacAskill Museum, St. Peter's
    • Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Blomidon

    Open May 15th to October 12th, 2020
    3138 Pereau Road, Canning, NS
    Telephone: (902) 582-7319
    Rising majestically from the shores of the Minas Basin, Blomidon Provincial Park is renowned for its spectacular views. Blomidon's 759 ha (1,875 acres) include 180 m (600 ft.) high cliffs, a variety of habitats, striking natural features, abundant wildlife -- and the world's highest tides wash its shores. These natural attractions provide excellent opportunities for camping, hiking, beachcombing, photography or just appreciating nature.
    Facilities and Services
    • 77 Campsites
    • Group Camping Sites
    • Comfort Station
    • Beach access (unsupervised)
    • Wi-Fi available
    • Self-registration from Sept 5th to Oct 12th
    Nearby Attractions
    • Randall House Historical Museum, Wolfville
    • Prescott House Museum, Starrs Point
    • Acadia University Botanical Gardens, Wolfville
    • Grand Pré National Historic Site, Grand Pré


  • Cape Chignecto

    Open May 15th to October 12th, 2020
    1108 West Advocate Road, Advocate Harbour, NS
    Telephone: (902) 392-2085 when park is open
    Towering 180 m (600 ft.) sea cliffs rise from the Bay of Fundy, while the world's highest tides lap at their base. Best described as a wilderness park, it has 29 km (18 mi.) of pristine coastline, deep valleys, sheltered coves, rare plants, and remnant old-growth forests. The park offers over 60 km (37 mi) of wilderness trails and remote walk-in campsites.
    Facilities and Services
    • There are no drive-up sites in the park.
    • 80 Walk-in sites
    • Group Camping Site
    • Backcountry Hiking sites
    • Backcountry Kayaking sites (12)
    • 3 Cabins & 1 Bunkhouse
    • Hiking Trails
    • Beach Access (Unsupervised)
    Before You Arrive
    • Cape Chignecto is a backcountry trail and camping experience.
      • The park offers a 52 km (32 mi) coastal loop, rated as Difficult.
        • A 3-night stay is recommended to complete the loop.
    • Know your capabilities and come prepared for the season.
    • Be aware of tide times when planning your trip.
    Campgrounds and Backcountry Sites
    • New Yarmouth Campground
      • 28 walk-in sites accessed via a multi-use/service trail
        • connect with high quality front-country hiking trails (and backcountry trails)
        • several hiking opportunities available using these sites as a base camp
      • walk-in sites accessible from parking lot and/or drop off area
        • parking lot is 300 m from first site; drop off area is 75 m from first site
      • a 3-5 person walk-in group site is adjacent to the drop off area
      • centralized pit privies and woodshed
      • each site has fire grill and is well buffered from the others
    • Backcountry Sites (Hike In)
      • only accessible from trailhead at Red Rocks
      • coastal trail includes physically challenging conditions
      • users should be physically fit and able to carry equipment appropriate for wilderness travel
    • Backcountry Kayaking Sites
      • available at Refugee Cove and Seal Cove
    • There are no drive-up sites at Cape Chignecto.
      • Please call (902) 392-2085 for more info on a community-operated campground 5 km east of the park.
    Wilderness Cabins and Bunkhouse
    • Situated on coastal trail
    • No power or running water
    • Reservable through the toll-free reservation line (1-888-544-3434)
    Arch Gulch Cabin*
    4 Double Bunks
    Big Bald Rock
    4 Double Bunks
    Seal Cove/Carey Brook
    4 Double Bunks
    Eatonville Bunkhouse
    8 Single Bunks
    *located 9 km from Visitor Centre on coastal trail
    Nearby Attractions
    • Cape d'Or
    • Age of Sail Heritage Centre, Port Greville
    • Fundy Geological Museum, Parrsboro
    • Ottawa House Museum, Parrsboro
    • UNESCO World Heritage Site Fossil Cliffs & Interpretive Centre, Joggins

    For more information on these and other attractions, please consult Tourism Nova Scotia or visit one of the many Visitor Information Centres.

  • Cape Split

    Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley

    An iconic provincial coastal landmark overlooking Bay of Fundy and its mesmerizing tides. Enjoy a moderately challenging backcountry hike as the trail opens out to a lookoff 60 metres (200 ft.) above the rugged coast of the bay. The trail is about 6.5 km (4 mi.) one way and hikers should plan on 5 hours to hours to make the return trip.

    Prior to heading out on the trail, users are advised to tell someone where they are and when they expect to return home. Users are advised to stay on the trail. Cliffs are actively eroding and unstable so keep well back from the edge. Shoreline exploration is NOT recommended as incoming tides are fast, strong and unpredictable. Plan to return to the trailhead before dusk. Remember it will get dark earlier on the trail under the dense canopy of trees.

    Hikers should wear sturdy footwear and layered clothing as weather and temperatures can change quickly. Carry plenty of drinking water and bring along snacks and sun protection. Please respect this natural area. Pack out all garbage and keep pets leashed at all times. Toilets are located at the trailhead with two seasonal composting toilets located 2 km along the trail so plan accordingly. No campfires, no camping, and no hunting. The park is not staffed so users must call 911 in case of an emergency. Open year round from dawn until dusk daily.

    Address: 999 Cape Split Road, Scots Bay
    County: Kings
    Size: 447 ha (1104 ac)
    GPS: N45 18.880 W64 25.755
  • Eatonville (day-use area of Cape Chignecto)

    Bay of Fundy & Annapolis Valley

    With towering 185-metre high cliffs, sheltered coves, and exciting wildlife viewing, you’ll want to be sure to bring along your camera. Choose between two user-friendly trails that will let you behold some of the nation’s best scenery. One trail will take you to the iconic Three Sisters sea stacks, while the second trail leads to Squally Point. The trails are in good condition and suitable for most ages and abilities. Please note the interpretive centre is not open. Pack out all garbage and keep dogs leashed. Make this day-use area part of your itinerary when you visit the nearby Fossil Cliffs at Joggins, Cape D’Or, or the Fundy geological Museum at Parrsboro.

    Address: 2375 Eatonville Road, Eatonville
    County: Cumberland
    GPS: N45 25 18.12 W64 53 40.69
  • Green Hill

    Northumberland Shore

    The elevation provides magnificent views of the farmlands below. Off Highway 104. 9 km (6 mi) east of West River.

    Address: 209 Dan Fraser Road, Green Hill.
    County: Pictou
    Size: 9.64 ha (23.82 ac)
    GPS: N45 34.925 W62 47.464
  • Thomas Raddall

    Open May 15th to October 12th, 2020
    529 Raddall Park Road, Port Joli, NS
    Telephone: (902) 683-2664
    Overlooking Port Joli Harbour on Nova Scotia's South Shore with over 650 ha (1,600 acres) the park offers visitors a wide range of outdoor experiences, including hiking, camping, picnicing, sight-seeing, or relaxing on the beach.
    Facilities and Services
    • 83 Campsites
    • 13 walk-in sites*
    • Group Camping Sites
    • Comfort Station
    • Hiking Trails
    • Cycling Trails
    • 3 Unsupervised beaches
    • Limited WiFi Available
    *Walk-in tenting options:
    Coastal Loop - tenting area overlooks a "Freshwater Fen" close to the camper beach (150m). It is accessed by a multi-use trail.
    Woodland Site - in tenting area offers a more enclosed or secluded feeling, it is situated on the coastal lowland area of the park but a little further inland.
    Nearby Attractions
    • The Dory Shop Museum, Shelburne
    • Perkins House Museum , Liverpool
    • Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct


  • Valleyview

    Open June 5th to October 12th, 2020
    960 Hampton Mountain Road, Bridgetown, NS
    Telephone: (902) 665-2559
    Quiet woodland setting overlooking the Annapolis Valley.
    Facilities and Services
    • 30 Campsites
    • 13 Serviced Campsites (electrical and water) sites 6, 7 & 20-30 
    • Group Campsites
    • Comfort Station
    • Hiking Trail
    • Picnic Area
    • Interpretive Look Off
    • WiFi is available at the admin building and surrounding area. Password required, please see the park receptionist.
    Nearby Attractions
    • Port Royal National Historic Site, Port Royal
    • French Basin Trail, Annapolis Royal
    • Upper Clements Theme Park, Annapolis Royal