• Barrachois

    Cape Breton

    Formerly a farm, this park situated on a knoll under a canopy of trees, offers a lovely view of Bras d' Or Lake. Fishing opportunities on the lake. Located 12 km (8 mi) south of Highway 125.

    Address: 2315 Route 223, Ironville.
    County: Cape Breton
    Size: 118.27 ha (292.25 ac)
    GPS: N46 08.551 W60 26.658
  • Black Duck Cove

    Eastern Shore

    A community managed day-use park with a small sandy beach and a 3.5 km (2.2 mi.) shoreline walking trail.

    Address: 1409 Dover Road, Little Dover
    County: Guysborough
    Size: 137.14 ha (338.88 ac)
    GPS: N45 16.602 W61 01.964
  • Cabots Landing

    Cape Breton

    Perched on the shore of Aspy Bay, this site features scenic vistas of the steep face of the Pollets Cove-Aspy Fault Wilderness Area. Provides access to 3 km beach walk. A National Historic Site cairn commemorates the landing of explorer John Cabot. Located in Sugarloaf, Victoria County, 10 km (6 mi.) north of the Cabot Trail.

    Address: 1904 Bay St. Lawrence Road, Sugarloaf.
    County: Victoria
    Size: 8.63 ha (21.32 ac)
    GPS: N46 56.635 W60 28.007
  • Camerons Brook

    South Shore

    A waterside park offering a shaded rest stop under a canopy of pine and hardwoods. Across the road is access to Ponhook Lake, a favourite for fishing and canoeing. Located approximately 40 km north of Liverpool.

    Address: 7900 Hwy 8, South Brookfield.
    County: Queens
    Size: 1.47 ha (3.63 ac)
    GPS: N44 19.929 W64 57.261
  • Card Lake

    South Shore

    A small lakeside park under a canopy of mature softwood trees. The small beach provides an opportunity for a quick dip, or launch a canoe or small boat and explore the lake. Located near Chester, 17 km (10 mi) north of Hwy 103, Exit 8.

    Address: 3895 Hwy 14, Card Lake
    County: Lunenburg
    Size: 104.29 ha (257.70 ac)
    GPS: N44 43.164 W64 15.855
  • Cookville

    South Shore -Small park with access to the LaHave River. Adjacent LaHave River Trail. Community operated.

    Address: 1119 Hwy 10, Cookville.
    County: Lunenburg
    Size: 1.41 ha (3.48 ac)
    GPS: N44 25.368 W64 33.113
  • Crystal Crescent Beach

    Halifax Metro

    Three white-sand crescent beaches located at the mouth of Halifax Harbour. Boardwalks to the first two beaches. Trailhead for a hike to Pennant Point, 10 km (6 mi) which provides interesting birding and wildlife viewing.

    Address: 223 Sambro Creek Road., Sambro
    County: Halifax
    Size: 538.89 ha (1331.63 ac)
    GPS: N44 28.307 W63 37.364
  • Dalem Lake

    Cape Breton

    This park surrounds a small lake and is shaded by hardwood. Beach is white sand. A 2.2 km (1.5 mi) hiking trail encircles the lake. Birding, wildlife watching and sport fishing opportunities. Located at Boularderie East, 4 km (2.5 mi) north off Highway 105.

    Address: 220 New Dominion Road.
    County: Victoria
    Size: 47.72 ha (117.92 ac)
    GPS: N46 15.000 W60 25.236
  • Dundee

    Cape Breton

    A boat launch for the Bras d’Or Lake providing some beach access.

    Address: 2285 West Bay Road
    County: Richmond
    Size: 0.2 ha (.494 ac)
    GPS: N45 41.847 W61 06.326
  • Falls Lake

    Fundy Shore

    Picnic park located on Falls Lake. Carry-in launch point for canoes/kayaks, sport fishing. Limited cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

    Address: 1541 New Ross Rd Hwy 14, Vaughan.
    County: Hants
    Size: 5.70 ha (14.08 ac)
    GPS: N44 50.370 W64 14.384
  • Fancy Lake

    South Shore

    A picnic park with freshwater beach access

    Address: 854 Conquerall Mills Road., Conquerall Mills.
    County: Lunenburg
    Size:  0.27 ha (0.67 ac)
    GPS: N44 19.689 W64 31.936
  • Glenwood


    A quiet place on Rickers Lake, bordering Hwy 103. Picnic tables scattered beneath hardwoods with view of lake. Located at the junction of Hwy 3 and Hwy 103.

    Address: 5570 Highway 3, Lower Argyle.
    County: Yarmouth
    Size: 38.76 ha (95.78 ac)
    GPS: N43 47.637 W65 52.468
  • Groves Point

    Cape Breton

    A sand and pebble beach and warm salt water. Picnic in the field or at tables under a softwood stand. Located 5 km (3 mi) south of Highway 105, before crossing St. Andrew's Channel.

    Address: 1055 Hillside Boularderie Road, Groves Point.
    County: Cape Breton
    Size: 4.64 ha (11.47 ac)
    GPS: N46 13.905 W60 20.746
  • Jerry Lawrence

    Halifax Metro

    A day use park providing access for seniors and those with disabilities. Drive-in picnic areas, barrier-free vault toilets, fishing pier and accessible trails that provide a connection to the St. Margarets Bay Rails to Trails. The park is bordered by Lewis Lake and Round Lake. The latter is stocked several times throughout the season with brook and rainbow trout.

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    Address: 4775 St. Margaret's Bay Rd (Hwy 3) Upper Tantallon.
    County: Halifax
    Size: 746.92 ha (1845.68 ac) 746.92 ha (1845.68 ac)
    GPS: N44 41.173 W63 51.442.
  • Lake Midway

    Fundy Shore

    One of few access points to a fresh water beach in the area. Picnic tables located in hardwood area and open fields. Trout fishing (seasonal).

    Address: 7600 Hwy 217, Lake Midway.
    County: Digby
    Size: 1.72 ha (4.25 ac)
    GPS: N44 31.784 W66 02.511.
  • Lake O' Law

    Cape Breton

    The only provincial park in Inverness County located on the Cabot Trail. A rock cairn dedicated to first Irish settlers in the area. Popular with traveling public; especially tour buses as a rest/viewing location.

    Address: 4830 Cabot Trail Hwy 19, Lake O'Law.
    County: Inverness
    Size: 2.15 ha (5.31 ac)
    GPS: N46 16.572 W60 57.745
  • Lochiel Lake

    Eastern Shore

    A quiet area with picnic tables under mixed wood trees beside an open field and overlooking Lochiel Lake. A short walking trail and some snow shoeing opportunities in winter. Located 6.5 Km (4 mi) north of Aspen.

    Address: 13575 Hwy 7, Lochiel Lake.
    County: Guysborough
    Size: 4.1 ha (10.3 ac)
    GPS: N45 21.231 W62 03.496
  • MacElmons Pond

    Fundy Shore

    Park is adjacent to a headpond and wildlife management area. The rich waters of the headpond support a small population of American widgeon as well as being an important staging area for migratory waterfowl. A 1 km (1/2 mi) trail meanders through old fields, pine forest and alongside the lake.

    Address: 219 MacElmon Road, Lower Onslow.
    County: Colchester
    Size: 7.24 ha (17.89 ac)
    GPS: N45 23.459 W63 25.677
  • McCormacks Beach

    Halifax Metro

    Located in Eastern Passage adjacent to Fisherman’s Cove, this park offers an extensive boardwalk that provides coastal walking opportunities and beautiful views of Halifax and McNabs and Lawlor Islands Provincial Park.

    Address: 1641 Shore Road, Eastern Passage.
    County: Halifax
    Size: 6.34 ha (15.6 ac)
    GPS: N44 36.443 W63 29.416
  • Ross Ferry

    Cape Breton

    Community managed day-use area offering a boat launch to the Bras d’Or Lake.

    Address: Hwy 305, Ross Ferry.
    County: Victoria
    Size: 2.63 ha (6.5 ac)
    GPS: N46 08.632 W60 35.029
  • Sherbrooke

    Eastern Shore

    Small picnic area on the St. Marys River. Walking trails at adjacent municipal park and just a short drive from Sherbrooke Village. Just north of Sherbrooke on Route 7.

    Address: 8407, Hwy 7, Sherbrooke.
    County: Guysborough
    Size: 0.31 ha (.76 ac)
    GPS: N45 09.151 W61 58.519
  • St Anns

    Cape Breton

    Scenic view overlooking a saltmarsh and bay. A 500 m trail meanders by the water offering opportunities to view various waterfowl and other birds.

    Address: 51475 Cabot Trail, St. Anns.
    County: Victoria
    Size:  4.27 ha (10.5 ac)
    GPS: N46 12.488 W60 37.358
  • Ten Mile Lake

    South Shore

    A small lakeside park beneath a stand of pine and hemlock. Relax by the shore or take a quick dip. Excellent fishing. Located 21 km (13 mi) north of Liverpool.

    Address: 3933 Hwy 8, Middlefield.
    County: Queens
    Size: 3.27 ha (8.08 ac)
    GPS: N44 11.377 W64 49.960
  • Trout Brook

    Cape Breton

    One of few opportunities to access Lake Ainslie; part of Margaree – Lake Ainslie Canadian Heritage River system. Picnic under a mixed-wood forest and or stroll the beautiful white sandy beach. Located approximately 22.5 km (14 mi) south of the junction of Routes 19 and 395.

    Address: 2535 Hwy 395, Trout Brook.
    County: Victoria
    Size: 8.58 ha (21.20 ac)
    GPS: N46 05.738 W61 08.454