Terms and Conditions - Learn To Camp

  1. Payment in full must accompany registration. You won’t be considered registered until we receive your completed application and payment.
  2. At least one person in your group must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. Up to two additional individuals can be added to your group of four at a cost of $10 per person.
  4. This is a family-oriented event. Use of alcohol and tobacco products is not permitted in the area where the workshop is taking place. 
  5. No pets are permitted.
  6. This program will take place rain or shine. Should a major weather event such as a hurricane be forecast, applicants will be notified or alternate arrangements.
  7. The program is designed to reconnect people with nature. Please restrict cell/smart phones for emergency use only and leave other electronic entertainment devices at home.
  8. This workshop takes place outdoors so please pack accordingly (a “what to bring” list will be made available).
  9. For the activities workshops you may be required to have certain types of gear such as waterproof clothes and footwear. These are usually items most people already own. You will be advised of what is required.
  10. Learn 2 Camp is open to all ages, however we advise you that the organizers will not be responsible for child care. Your children are your responsibility during the weekend.