Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Provincial Day Use Parks and Beaches are not serviced during the winter.

The public can access the trails and beaches but please be aware that there are no staff or services i.e. garbage collection or snow removal.  Gates are closed so parking may be affected in some locations.  

Remember to have a hiking plan for your safety and please pack in and pack out. 

Camping permits are issued for a maximum of 14 nights at the same campsite, there are no season passes or season rates.

  • Dogs off leash in some areas may impact protected vegetative species or impact sensitive sites like sand dunes.
  • Part of the NSPP mandate is the protection of wildlife. By instinct many dogs want to chase wildlife or scare them away. Keeping dogs on lead also protects them from quills, skunks, or other altercations with wild animals.
  • Even a friendly dog can scare or knock down a child or senior.
  • With all the distractions in a park setting…new people, other dogs, wildlife, watercourses, events and activities…even a well-trained dog may act differently than it does at home.

Recreational use of drones is prohibited within provincial parks. Non-recreational users must apply to the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables for a Letter of Authority to use a drone within a provincial park.

Apply for a Letter of Authority (LOA) at a local Department of Natural Resources and Renewables office to operate a drone for the following purposes:

  • commercial photography and videography
  • monitoring for scientific research
  • training
  • marketing/promotions
  • TV/film/commercial
  • advertised events
  • other purposes at the discretion of the department

Open fires are not permitted at beaches or day use parks.  Contained BBQ's are permitted.

Serviced sites have two way hook up with 30 amp electrical service and drinking water.  

*Porter's Lake sites 8 & 10 have 50 amp electrical service

Please call 1 888 544 3434 for assistance with the Reservation System  

Fees are directly related to the service provided, and are charged by the service provider.

You can cancel your reservation by logging into your account or calling 1 888 544 3434  
There is a $7.00 fee for cancelling your reservation, and the $9.00 reservation fee paid when you originally booked is non-refundable.

You can change your reservation by logging into your account or calling 1 888 544 3434  
There is a $7.00 fee for changing your reservation.

Some parks have a dishwashing station for your convenience, located near the restrooms with showers.

If you choose to wash dishes at your campsite, please dump the water at the dishwashing station; not at your campsite.

For those parks without a dishwashing station please dump the water at the restroom toilets.

Dishwashing is not permitted at the restroom sinks or at the taps located within the park.