Taylor Head Hiking Trails

Hiking and walking trails at Taylor Head Provincial Park

Taylor Head Provincial Park is a natural environment park occupying a rugged wind-swept peninsula jutting six and a half kilometres (4 miles) into the Atlantic Ocean.

Taylor Head

Beach at Taylor Head

A 12.5 km (7.6 mi.) system of interconnected trails provides access to a variety of habitats and numerous scenic look-offs within the park. Travel times noted do not include time to appreciate nature and view the look-offs.

The park provides spectacular coastal views and offers 16 kilometres (10 miles) of unspoiled coastline. Discover the majesty of enduring rock versus the tumultuous power of the sea.

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Beach Trail

2 km (1.2 mi.) | Easy trail | Time: 45 mins.

Provides information on the hardwood and softwood forests of Nova Scotia

Bob Bluff Trail

3 km (1.8 mi.) | Basic trail | Time: 1 hour

Select this trail for coastal views. The trail begins near the parking area and follows along the shore to the northern end of Pyche Cove providing several enchanting vistas of Mushaboom Harbour and its many islands along the way. The beach and sand dunes at Pyche Cove were formed by sand deposits from the erosion of glacial till and bedrock. The trail links with the Bull Beach Trail at Bob Bluff.

Bull Beach Trail

6 km (3.7 mi.) | Basic trail | Time: 2 hours

Backed by a spruce-fir forest, the trail winds along the coast overlooking the harbour.

Spry Bay Trail

4 km (2.5 mi.) | Moderately challenging | Time: 1.5 hours

Hikers wanting to experience a variety of habitats will enjoy taking this loop that passes through a coastal forest, coastal barren, wave-swept boulder shores, coastal freshwater marsh and an inland barren. The trail provides magnificent views of Spry Bay and the rugged coast line.

Headland Trail

8 km (5 mile) | Challenging trail | Time: 2.5 hours

Select this trail for the maximum experience as provides a rugged, but rewarding, coastline trek to Taylor Head Point. The trail returns on the opposite side of Taylor Head where it rejoins the Spry Bay Trail.

Wildlife in Taylor Head Provincial Park

The wildlife found here are as varied as the habitats found within the park. Gulls, Arctic and common terns, black guillemot, Leach’s petrel and common eider are known to nest in the shelter of the trees along the coastal headlands. Considerable numbers of waterfowl migrate through the park in spring and fall including scooters, black ducks, long tailed ducks and Canada geese. Small mammals on the peninsula include red squirrel, red-backed vole, short-tailed shrew, hare and mink. White-tailed deer may be seen grazing in the old fields, while raccoons, porcupine, otters and muskrats visit the various bogs.