For Event Leaders - Rules and Regulations

Since provincial parks are available for public use on a first come, first served basis.  It is important that event organizers contact the Area Supervisor at the local Department of Lands and Forestry office.

The purpose of this contact is:

  1. to ensure that the supervisor is aware of the type of event and the number of people you anticipate to attend;
  2. you will be aware of events or activities planned for the same day; and
  3. confirm any special arrangements that are required.

The following should be considered when planning your event(s):

  1. Help protect our parks by leaving them as you have found them. Flowers, trees, shrubs and even rocks are a part of the park’s heritage. Please do not damage or remove these resources.
  2. The Department of Health Large Event Guidelines require one pair of toilets per 100 people. Organizations may be required to rent toilets if the anticipated numbers exceed the park toilet capacity.
  3. Supplementary parking arrangements may be required.
  4. Organizing groups may be required to assist with parking and traffic control. If this is done, organizing groups should do so only under the direction of park staff.
  5. No fires are permitted in the park.
  6. No selling is allowed in the park without pre-authorization.
  7. Advertising or operating a business within the park is not permitted without a special permit.
  8. Pets are welcome but must be on a leash at all times.
  9. No public address system is allowed unless pre-authorized by the supervisor.
  10. No entry fee to the park can be charged. Fees for participation in the program are separate.
  11. Liquor is prohibited in provincial parks.
  12. Garbage generated by the activity is to be removed by the organization.
  13. Events should be conducted so that it does not interfere with other users of the park. This includes general park users as well as persons in the park for other special events.

Remember, safety is important whether you are hiking, camping, swimming, boating, or participating in any outdoor activity.

For further information on Nova Scotia Provincial Parks Rules and Regulations you may refer to the Parks Act.

Download Rules and Regulations