Camping Fees

2020 Camping Fees
All prices include applicible taxes and are subject to change
Service Price Restrictions
Unserviced Site $26.70 per night  
Serviced Site $35.60 per night  
Additional person, maximum 6 people per site $2.35 per night  
Reservation Fee*  $9.00  
Cancel or Change Reservation Fee* $7.00  
Yurt (Whycocomagh only) up to 4 people $59.95 per night Not Available
Yurt - Additional people, maximum 6 people per Yurt $10.90 per night Not Available
Remote Access Campsites (Cape Chignecto only) $26.70 per night  
Wilderness Cabins (Cape Chignecto only) up to 4 people $59.40 per night Not Available
Wilderness Cabin - Additional people $11.85 per night Not Available
Group Camping, up to 6 people** $26.70 per night Not Available
Group Camping - Additional people $2.35 per night Not Available
Additional Vehicle Parking $8.30 per night  
Sewage Disposal (Non-Campers) $6.55 Not Available
Firewood $5.00 a bundle  
Ice $2.50 a bag  
Senior Discount age 65 and older*** $2.35 per night  
Veteran Discount*** $2.35 per night  
*These Non Refundable fees are applied to all reservations made, or changed, using the online reservation site or the toll free number. 
**Group Camping is not available for the 2020 season.
***Veterans who have a minimum of 3 years of honourable service with: Canadian Forces; armed forces of another Commonwealth country, armed forces of a wartime ally; RCMP who served with the United Nations or peacekeeping mission; Merchant Navy or Ferry Command during wartime; or in a theatre of war as a member of any of the aforementioned