June 19, 2020 

Here are some tips to plan your beach day. When it's beach weather in Nova Scotia, expect the most popular beaches to be busy.

  • Discover a less popular beach in your area by checking our listing of parks with beach access
  • Plan to visit during off-peak times by either arriving early in the morning or later in the day near suppertime 
  • Carpool with others if possible. 
  • Be aware parking will be limited. If you see the parking lot is full, the beach may be full as well. 
  • Only park in designated areas. Emergency vehicles must be able to get through. 
  • Be aware washroom facilities will be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Vault toilets will be available at each park.
  • Practice physical distancing throughout the park including parking lot, trails/boardwalks and on the beach
  • Be aware lifeguards are not on duty yet this season (beach supervision will begin July 1st at select parks)