Vendor Application Information

Vendor Application Information

Nova Scotia provincial parks are interested in working with businesses (vendors) wishing to offer nature-based recreational opportunities and/or food concessions at provincial parks. 

Nova Scotia provincial parks are no longer accepting vendor applications for the 2024 season. Please check back after the 2024 parks season to inquire about vendor opportunities for 2025.

Two kayakers at The Islands Shelburne

Deadline to apply is February 9, 2024 at 4 pm.

Takeout food fries and a lobster roll on a picnic table.


Deadline to apply is February 16, 2024 at 4 pm.


We are open to accepting applications for any provincial parks. There are parks that have ecological considerations, safety concerns, limited parking and services. It may also depend on what type of service you are interested in offering.   

Unless otherwise stated on the application form, businesses (vendors) are required to submit a separate application for each location. 

We allow one food vendor to operate at a location; however, a group of vendors could submit a joint bid to share a location. Applications from non-food vendors will be reviewed on a case by case basis taking into consideration the availability of space at the park and type of service being offered. 

A typical season for a food vendor is from mid to late June until the Labour Day weekend in September. Non-food vendors may have a different operating season due to the nature of activities such as surfing. Provincial parks are serviced from May long weekend to October long weekend. 

There are no services (washrooms, garbage removal, parking) provided at provincial parks after Thanksgiving weekend to the Victoria Day long weekend in May. Please contact us if you have a proposal that falls outside of the operating season. 

  • Guided tours (eg. interpretive or recreational walks/hikes etc.)
  • Equipment/Gear rental and instruction for self-propelled (non- motorized) nature-based recreational opportunities such as canoe, kayak, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, SCUBA or snorkel courses, etc.
  • If you have a business idea not listed above please contact us.
  • Motorized sport events or gear rentals (eg. seadoos, motorboats, etc)
  • Recreation activities that are not nature-based (eg. car shows, arm wrestling)
  • Any activity that alters the park landbase or infrastructure
  • Archery or shooting activities are not permitted in provincial parks. 


Non-food vendors require:

Commercial General Liability insurance, with a minimum of $2,000,000 per occurrence limit, which includes a participants inclusion if a “Sports Operator”, must be included.

Food vendors require:

1. All insurance must be primary and not require the sharing of any loss by any insurer of the Province.

2. The Operator must provide the Province with evidence of all required insurance in the form of a completed certificate of insurance: (a) within 10 working days of commencement of the services; (b) if the insurance expires before the end of the term of this agreement, within 10 working days of expiration; and (c) Notwithstanding (a) or (b) above, if requested by the Province at any time, the Operator must provide to the Province certified copies of the required insurance policies.

3. The Operator shall provide, maintain, and pay for, any additional insurance, including that required under the Workers Compensation Act, which it is required by law to carry, or which it considers necessary to cover risks not otherwise covered by insurance specified in this Agreement in its sole discretion. This Agreement, and the Province, do not warrant that the minimum limits. 

Requests to leave equipment on site will be considered on a case by case basis.  

You will need to be self-contained and able to provide your own water, electricity and waste disposal. You are also required to meet food safety regulations and guidelines as outlined by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment

Each location is different. Please contact us prior to submitting an application.  

Each location is different. Services (water, electricity etc.) are not guaranteed. Please contact us prior to submitting an application to discuss what is available at specific parks. A site visit may be required to discuss options.  

The application period will be posted on this page and announced on our Nova Scotia provincial parks social media. The non-food concessions applications are available now and will close February 10th, 2023. Applications to offer food concessions will be available in early 2023.

Applications are evaluated using the criteria provided in the appendices of the request for applications document. 

Local Natural Resources and Renewables staff are responsible for the day to day operation of Provincial Parks. The provincial park team based in Truro works closely with vendors and local staff to ensure you have the optimal location for success.