For Event Leaders - Register an Event

For Event Leaders - Register an Event

2021 Park Events Important Information

Event Criteria:

Events that meet the following criteria will be considered for the 2021 Park Events listing. 

  • Any person, association, or public agency can make application.
  • The event must take place or originate in a provincial camping and/or day-use park and fit into one of the following categories:
  1. Community or holiday celebrations Ex.: Canada Day, Canada’s Parks Day
  2. Demonstrations of activities that match with the management objectives of the property. Ex: Geo-caching in a provincial park.
  3. Educational/ Interpretive based on natural or cultural history that will broaden participants’ knowledge or expand their appreciation. Ex. Guided hikes, bird watching
  4. Environmental/ Green events to enhance or maintain the natural environment. Ex. Beach sweeps, river clean-ups.
  5. Instructional for compatible activities that reflect management objectives of the site. Ex: Canoeing in a provincial park, photography, cross country skiing clinic etc.
  6. Sports and recreation activities that matches property management objectives. Ex: sandcastle building in a recreational beach area.

PLEASE NOTE: Some activities may be prohibited by regulations, policy or management requirements.  

Fees: Events should be non-profit, although fees are permitted to cover expenses. There are no fees associated with the use of the park for the event.

Event Timing: Events may take place between May 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

Event Promotion: All approved events from will be promoted on the NS Provincial Parks website.

Event Cancellations: Please contact Sandra Fraser if an event is cancelled or re-scheduled.  This will be communicated to the public through this website. You may also phone 902-893-5371 or contact the main office 1-866-230-586.  Please be advised that there will be no one available to take your call during the weekend.

Event Set-Up: The organization, preparation, presentation and any required materials for the event are the responsibility of the organizing group or agency. 

Indemnity: All events must comply with Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations and Guidelines. Each group is responsible for any specific risks associated with the activity, ensuring the safety of participants, and their general well-being.

The Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry assumes no responsibility for any accident or mishap that may occur during the course of an event and shall not be liable for any injury or damage (including death) or for the loss of or damage to property.

Each Group shall at all times indemnify and save harmless the Minister of Lands and Forestry from and against all claims demands, losses, costs, debts, damages, actions, suits, or other proceedings by whomever made, sustained, brought or prosecuted in any manner based upon, occasioned by, arising out of or attributed in any way to the performance or purported performance of any group in carrying out all events.

Event Compatibility:

Event leaders are expected to review the objectives of the chosen location to determine the compatibility of their event. For Park Management plans please visit the NS Department of Lands and Forestry website

Event Permit:

Please note, NS Department of Lands and Forestry Area Supervisors may require a permit be completed for your event if:

  • your event will affect the capacity of the parks operationally
  • special arrangements may need to be made for parking, extra toilets, security and garbage removal
  • the area supervisor may need to discuss the Park Regulations as they apply to your event should no prior approval exist.

Application Form:

Please complete the application form for each event your organization wishes to offer in a NS Provincial Park

Contact Info:

If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Fraser or by phone at 902-893-5371.