Private Events

Private Events

Holding private events in Nova Scotia Provincial Parks

All events must be approved in advance by the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables

Approved events require a Letter of Authority (LOA) issued by the local District Office responsible for the park location. 

This allows us to know what is going on within the park system on a daily basis, and make special arrangements, if required. Be sure to bring your approval letter with you to the event.

Please ensure you are familiar with the park event rules and regulations before submitting your event application. 

Are there events or activities that are not permitted?

Yes, events that conflict with the management objectives of the provincial park system or that would threaten natural features, wildlife, structures, or other park users are not permitted. Proms and graduation ceremonies are not permitted at Provincial Parks. Alcohol, fires, firearms, archery, ATVs, gambling and retailing (without a permit) are not permitted in provincial parks. Fireworks are generally prohibited.

Who do I contact to book an event?

Complete the park event application form

How far in advance do I need to make a booking?

At least four weeks before the event, but booking earlier is better.

What sort of details will I be asked to provide?

In addition to your name and contact information, you’ll need to tell us the dates you require, date flexibility, start/end time of event, number of people attending, number of vehicles, brief description of the event, type of activities planned, and any equipment you want to bring into the park such as event tents or barbecues. If your event is approved, you will be issued a Letter of Authority (LOA) that you must bring with you on the day of the event.

Is there a fee?

No fees are charged to hold an event in a provincial park.

Can I book the entire park to ensure my event is private?

No, exclusive use is not granted. The park remains open to other users, and perhaps other events. By knowing the events planned for a park, we can work to ensure everyone has the space they need.

Can I have an event even though park has closed for the season?

Yes, but entrance gates may be closed, facilities are usually closed, and limited snowplowing may result in reduced parking. For bookings, contact your nearest office.

What about liability?

All activities are undertaken at the users’ risk.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Submit an event application 

Make safety a priority. During your event make sure you have First Aid kits on hand and people who are trained to use them, a fire extinguisher, cell phones, and personal floatation devices (PFDs) if water activities are planned. Ensure all guests are adequately prepared for attending your recreational event.

A separate policy applies to filmmaking in provincial parks. Contact the office closest to the park of interest to discuss your plans with a staff member.